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    <!–:en–>Gartner's Hype Cycle Report<!–:–><!–:ja–>ガートナーのハイプ・サイクル・レポート<!–:–>

    Gartner, with which I was familiar when I was the project leader of Japanese version of Tru64 UNIX operating system, continues to issue many technical reports. viagra super active Some of them are translated to Japanese and appear in some IT media in Japan. I recommend to look at the press releases at the original English website and compare it with the Japanese website. You may be surprised at the volume of their releases. And at the same time, you may be discouraged by the much smaller volume of Japanese information. That”s a reality.

    The Hype Cycle Report is one of the interesting reports they are delivering. I “ve got to know the latest version of it in the  article of Nikkei Computer September 16 issue.

    Cloud computing is now on the peak of inflated expectations nbso online casino reviews replacing Green IT which was there last year. Green IT is coming to the entrance of trough of disillusionment. Twitter is following. It is fun comparing the two hype cycle charts for this year and the one comLet stars tell you what they think about your relationship!Try out this simple as it gets love match!Select sign of you and then your partner and find out will relationship work!Please feel free to comment, rate and suggest!If you report a bug or have an interesting feature on your mind that could be added to the app please mail me directly!Thank you!More coming soon!As the name suggests, maximum possible points are 36. for the last year.

    Sometimes strange things happen in the world. I compared the two charts for original English reports and translated Japanese reports. It must be boring usually, because one piece is just a translation. However, I”ve found a mystery.

    One blue small circle, which exists in the original chart,  is obviously removed in the Japanese chart. That is “Over-the-Air Mobile Phone Payment Systems, Developed Markets”. It is there in the original chart next to Social Networking Analysis. I don”t know what happend between August 11, issue date of original press release, and September 8, issue date of Japanese press release. I don”t think of any reason why a particular information was required to be removed in the translation. Mystery (like Boy George),  isn”t it?

    <!–:en–>What is the youngest language in the world?<!–:–><!–:ja–>世界で一番若い言語って?<!–:–>

    What do you gess?

    I asked our Phillipine young engineer few days ago, “When was Tagalog (Their native language)  born?”,

    he said, “Myabe 14 or 5th century (he”s not good at history, so not certain)”.

    Tagalog was influenced by Spanish colonial rule and based on Spanish, has many similar words, too.

    I felt that it”s rather young language because Japanese has more than 1,000 year history.

    And one question hit on me, “What casino online is the youngest language in the world?”.

    I searched the web but couldn”t find the information.

    Something like a “programming Language Chronogy” can be hit, but natural language”s ones cannot be.

    (maybe historical linguistics has various theories,  little bit difficult)

    By elimination, main Europe languages may be old for it”s Latin origin, Japanes and Chinese has at least 1,000 year histroy, Hangul was born arround in 15th century I heard….

    Also our Finnish Sisulizer engineer said that Finnish was rather young.

    To know correctly,  I cannot but check the histories of all languages.

    I “ll be happy if someone creates  or finds that chronogy.

    (But  I think many languages exist, origins of which have not been deteced yet.)

    <!–:en–>Global sourcing<!–:–><!–:ja–>グローバルソーシング<!–:–>

    I attended the Global Sourcing seminar today, which was delivered by Realcom. Their global sourcing is quite different from the offshore outsourcing which is being done here in Japan.  Realcom helps customers build a global-ready team based on US standard methodology. Communication language is English (period). This オンライン カジノ is Takeuchi-san (CTO of Realcom), I”ve been knowing for a long time. But isn”t it a bit strong for Japanese domestic companies? Their global sourcing model matches very well with Kokusaika JP”s business. I”m looking forward to working with him to change many Japanese domestic companies to global players.