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<!–:ja–>JSONによるJavaScriptの国際化(文字列切り替え)<!–:–><!–:en–>JavaScript Internationalization with JSON<!–:–>

I wrote the blog about jQuery-based JavaScript internationalization(i18n) with Java properties and other i18n libraries (Glob(jquery-global) actress viagra commercial .etc.) in JavaScript Internationalization Programming before, but now I write string switching with pure JavaScript JSON, not jQuery.

The original contents is the chapter of Internationalization Programming included by , if you interested, refer to them.

1. .Resource File Creation

Externalize embedded strings in JS files into a JSON file.

sample_1.js var msg1 = "msg1:"; ->var msg1 = wwnRs.sample1_1(*1); function msgA() cialis online { alert(msg1 "Hello, this is a sample1 text."); ->alert(msg1 wwnRs.sample1_2(*1)); } ../wwnaviRs/wwnaviBundle.json { "sample1_1" : "msg1:",(*2) "sample1_2" : "Hello, this is

 a sample1 text."(*2) }

*1) wwn.sample1_1 = JSON_VARIABLE.JSON_KEY

*2) “sample1_1″ : “msg1″ = “JSON_KEY” : “JSON_VALUE”

The last "," need to be removed because IE cannot parse JSON correctly.

2.Creating JSON load process in another JS file.

After viagra price externalizing strings into JSON, you need to write the process of loading it to the specified antibiotics no prescription canada variable above suitable for elavil online no prescription user locale(browser language settings). You”d better bundle the process in one initially called JS file (named “wwnaviJs.json.js” in this chapter) and load it in HTML headers.

HTML header

<head> ... <script src="wwnaviRs/wwnaviJs.json.js" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script src="sample_1.js" type="text/javascript"> </script> ...

viagra online

wwnaviJs.json.js (initial code)

// Normal cialis order Ajax HTTP canadian pharmacy online request function function wwnaviHttpRequest(){ if(window.ActiveXObject){ try{ return new ActiveXObject( "Msxml2.XMLHTTP"); }catch(e){ try { return new ActiveXObject( "Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); }catch(e2){ return null; } } }else nbso online casino reviews if(window.XMLHttpRequest){ return new XMLHttpRequest(); }else{ return null; } }
// File loading viagra brand online function by Ajax // in SYCHRONIZED process. // Normal Ajax communication is // DESYNCHRONIZED, cialis super active plus but it cannot // wait for load completed so // SYNCHRONIZED style is used. function tadalafil online  wwnaviLoadJs(url){ htoj = wwnaviHttpRequest();"GET", url, false); generic cialis htoj.send(null); return htoj.responseText; }
// Initializing JSON_VARIABLE // (wwnRs need to be the same as in sample_1.js). var wwnRs = eval("({"_rslang":""})");
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Callback function (JSONP) to get user locale // via HTTP server access (see the last line).
function wwnParseLang(json) { // Parsing HTTP celebrex generic headers to get // language and country code (e.g. en-us).
var l = ""; if(json["Accept-Language"] != undefined) l = json["Accept-Language"]; if(l.indexOf(",") >=0) l = l.substring(0, l.indexOf(",")); // Loading master JSON resource  // (without locale) into JSON_VARIABLE // (SYNCHRONIZED Ajax). wwnRs = eval("(" wwnaviLoadJs("wwnaviRs/wwnaviBundle.json") ")"); wwnRs._rslang="default"; try { // Loading USER_LOCALE (variable "l") // JSON resource into JSON_VARIABLE // (SYNCHRONIZED no prescription needed Ajax). wwnRs = eval("(" generic viagra online canada pharmacy wwnaviLoadJs("wwnaviRs/" l "/wwnaviBundle.json") ")"); wwnRs._rslang=l; // Setting used resource locale code. }catch(e){ // If error (user locale resource // not found), // master gets used. } wwnRs._ulang=l; // Setting detected user locale code. } // To get USER_LOCALE, we use JSONP API of // jQuery browser language library(*), // but you can choose another one. document.write( "<script src=" ?callback=wwnParseLang" type="text/javascript"></script>" );
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*)About jQuery browser language library, go to their GitHub.

3.Locate JSON files

Put the master JSON file (“wwnaviRs/wwnaviBundle.json” in step chewable viagra online 1.) and translated (localized) ones in locale directories following the initial code above.


Just adding the localized resources switch your JavaAScript messages based on user browser settings.

../wwnaviRs/wwnaviBundle.json ... English (default) ../wwnaviRs/ja/wwnaviBundle.json ... Japanese ../wwnaviRs/ko/wwnaviBundle.json ... Korean

These process can be checked with JavaScript string externalization samples in World Wide Navi.

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