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<!–:en–>Geminids meteor shower<!–:–><!–:ja–>ふたご座流星群<!–:–>

オンライン カジノ

<!–:en–>Calligraphy and Sake Tasting<!–:–>

Calligraphy or known as “Shodou” in japanese which means the art of writing while sake is known as a japanese rice wine.

Me and my wife we”re invited in a calligraphy and sake tasting last June 06, 2009 by my japanese teacher who is specializing in Japanese Culture Program.

On our way to MON Restaurant in Iidabashi, we dropped by in a traditional street called “hide and sick street” because of it”s maze style and the fences were made of antique woods.


We also dropped by in a Japanese Temple which is well known as a temple for wealth, so we were told to pray and offered money for the temple.


On the restaurant itself, the owner told us a brief history of their restaurant which is really interesting and amazing because it is made of traditional materials such as woods that are used for several years and the owner itself was the architecture.

After a short introduction of ourselves me and my wife wrote a calligraphy. With the assistance of the calligraphy teachers we wrote a kanji character which means “kokoro (heart)”.


Some activities have finished, so now it”s time for our most awaited part.. sake tasting!

We were served with a bowl of sake and several bottles of beer plus some delicious dishes which we really enjoyed while getting to know more of the other visitors.

We all have fun and it”s a wonderful experienced which i will never forget especially the calligraphy which became the first “Master Piece” for me and my wife.

To learn more about japanese culture please visit NANAMI International homepage link below:

<!–:en–>Visit the temple "Zenko-ji"<!–:–><!–:ja–>善光寺お参り<!–:–>

I visited the temple “Zenko-ji” on the “Gokaicyou” (publishing term once in 7 years).

What is Zenko-ji?

It”s a short trip to Nagano where my sister”s family are living and to meet my neice and nephews.

Several milion people visits  there for this event and we  had to line up to see the Budda statues watchable only once in 7 years before 4:00 AM!

I usually wake up late so still feel asleep…( )

I was amazed that Japanse are so attracted by  answered prays.

Bofore watching the statues, we also standed in another line to get  the pray by high ranked Buddihist monk (below).

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After that, we watched the main statues named “Zenritu-Sanzo” (I don”t remember the right name) and  ate “Oyaki”  (baked bread with some meat and vesitables in it,  below),  and retuned to my sister”s house and took a short sleep.(- – )


Additonally, about foreigners, there are not so many.

I recently feel that so many foreigners are getting increased in such a old Japanese sightseeing spots, but this time almost Japanese.

Is this  kind of customs which is  standing in a row  in midnight or early moring only to see  old Buddta statues particular to Japanese?