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    <!–:ja–>国際化JP 6周年バースデー<!–:–><!–:en–>Kokusaika JP celebrates 6th anniversary<!–:–>

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    <!–:ja–>Windows API国際化プログラミング – リソース読み込み(Win32、MFC)<!–:–><!–:en–>Windows API Internationalization Programming – Resource Loading (Win32, MFC)<!–:–>

    The following are extracts from of Software Internationalization Tool World Wide Navi‘s Internationalization Programming Advisory Info.

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    rather old, but if you”re looking for legacy application localization tips, the advisory info above is very useful for you.

    Why don”t you wake up your apps sleeping in ed pills online pharmacy the drawer and fly them to the world?

    Developed with Visual Studio, etc., the resources for labels and messages that contain different languages are combined within an application.

    To make your application internationalized, you have to implement dynamic resource loading that can respond to language settings at runtime. For that, it is a common way to give resources as DLL.

    1. Create a Resource File (.rc)
    Describe labels and messages in resource files made up of resource keys and values.Below is a sample file generated by World Wide Navi.

    #pragma code_page(1252) STRINGTABLE BEGIN IDS_MSG_WWNAVI1 "Hello, how are you? This is sample for Windows DLL." IDS_MSG_WWNAVI2 "This is title 1." IDS_MSG_WWNAVI3 "This is message 2." IDS_MSG_WWNAVI4 "This is title 2." END

    *Code pages and file encodings have to corresponding to each other.

    2. Describe the Resource Loading Process
    Describe the process of loading strings from the resource lexapro file.Use the function LoadString for loading. Below is a sample code generated by World Wide Navi.

    LoadString(wwnaviH, uID, wwnaviBuf1, WWNAVI_BUFF_SIZE);

    wwnaviH … Pointer to DLL modules
    (described later).

    uID … Resource key

    wwnaviBuf1 … Target to put a loaded string (TCHAR).

    WWNAVI_BUFF_SIZE … Target buffer size.

    3. Describe the Dynamic Resource DLL Loading
    Describe the process of loading the resource DLL in the entry point (the function called when application runs).You have to load the DLL corresponding to the language setting at runtime.World Wide Navi gets the current LCID (locale-ID) through the function GetUserDefaultLCID, converts it to ISO-639 language code, and loads the proper DLL.Below is a sample code generated by World Wide Navi.

    TCHAR libName[MAX_PATH]; TCHAR langName[]; LCID id=GetUserDefaultLCID(); GetLocaleInfo(id, LOCALE_SISO639LANGNAME,langName,10); wsprintf(libName , _T("./%s/wwnavi_string.dll"), langName); wwnaviH = LoadLibrary(libName); if (wwnaviH == NULL) { wwnaviH = LoadLibrary( _T("./wwnavi_string.dll")); }

    wwnaviH … Pointer to the DLL modules.

    LoadLibrary … Function to load the DLL and set it to the pointer.

    GetUserDefaultLCID … Function to get the locale-ID at runtime.

    GetLocaleInfo … Function to get the string information from the locale-ID.

    *Load the DLL of the current language code converted from the LCID or the default one if the appropriate one does not

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    If you are creating a Win32 application with Visual Studio, you need to combine the default resource file (named your-application-name.rc, containing menu, icon and other resources) with your own file.

    The simple way is to set the loaded modules to application default and include the application resources in your own file.

    *** Your own .rc file ... STRINGTABLE BEGIN IDS_MSG_WWNAVI1 "Hello, how are you? This is sample for Windows DLL." IDS_MSG_WWNAVI2 "This is title 1." IDS_MSG_WWNAVI3 "This is message 2." IDS_MSG_WWNAVI4 "This is title 2." END ... #include "././Test.rc" <- * including application .rc file. *** In the function "main" int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE online Gasex hInstance, HINSTANCE hPreInst, LPSTR lpszCmdLine, int nCmdShow) { ... hInstance = LoadLibrary( YOUR_LIB_NAME); <- * set the argument handle the loaded one.

    In the case of MFC application,
    instead of setting hIsntance,
    use AfxSetResourceHandle.

    *** In the method "InitInstance" BOOL CXXXX::InitInstance() { ... AfxSetResourceHandle(LoadLibrary( YOUR_LIB_NAME)); <- * set the default resource handle the loaded one.

    5. Compile the Resource File to DLL.
    Compile resource files (.rc) to DLLs (.dll) with RC command or DLL projects of Visual Studio(World Wide Navi creates the dll projects automatically, and adds it into your solution or workspace).Codes generated by World Wide Navi takes the dll in the same directory as the executable for default, and other dlls in each language code directory for its language.For does viagra work no matter what example, in the case of a Japanese resource, create the dll as follows.

    ./Foo.exe ... executable file ./wwnavi_string.rc -> ./wwnavi_string.dll ... <- * default DLL ./wwnavi_string_ja.rc -> ./ja/wwnavi_string.dll ... <- * Japanese DLL

    The mapping between LCID, locale, and code pages are listed below. (excerpted from MSDN)

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LCID Language Sublanguage code page Language code -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0x0436 Afrikaans South Africa 1252 AFK 0x041c Albanian Albania 1250 SQI 0x1401 Arabic Algeria 1256 ARG 0x3c01 Arabic Bahrain 1256 ARH 0x0c01 Arabic Egypt 1256 ARE 0x0801 Arabic Iraq 1256 ARI 0x2c01 Arabic Jordan 1256 ARJ 0x3401 Arabic Kuwait 1256 ARK 0x3001 Arabic Lebanon 1256 ARB 0x1001 Arabic Libya 1256 ARL 0x1801 Arabic Morocco 1256 ARM 0x2001 Arabic Oman 1256 ARO 0x4001 Arabic Qatar 1256 ARQ 0x0401 Arabic Saudi Arabia 1256 ARA 0x2801 Arabic Syria 1256 ARS 0x1c01 Arabic Tunisia 1256 ART 0x3801 Arabic U.A.E. 1256 ARU 0x2401 Arabic Yemen 1256 ARY 0x042b Armenian Armenia Unicode only HYE 0x044d Assamese India Unicode
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    only ASM 0x082c Azeri Azerbaijan (Cyrillic) 1251 AZE 0x042c Azeri Azerbaijan (Latin) 1254 AZE 0x042d Basque Spain 1252 EUQ 0x0423 Belarusian Belarus 1251 BEL 0x0445 Bengali India BEN 0x0402 Bulgarian Bulgaria 1251 BGR 0x0403 Catalan Spain 1252 CAT 0x0c04 Chinese Hong Kong SAR 950 ZHH 0x1404 Chinese Macao SAR 950 ZHM 0x0804 Chinese PRC 936 CHS 0x1004 Chinese Singapore 936 ZHI 0x0404 Chinese Taiwan 950 CHT 0x0827 Classic Lithuanian 1257 LTC 0x041a Croatian Croatia 1250 HRV 0x0405 Czech Czech Republic 1250 CSY 0x0406 Danish Denmark 1252 DAN 0x0465 Divehi Maldives Unicode only DIV 0x0813 Dutch Belgium 1252 NLB 0x0413 Dutch Netherlands 1252 NLD 0x0c09 English Australia 1252 ENA 0x2809 English Belize 1252 ENL 0x1009 English Canada 1252 ENC 0x2409 English Caribbean 1252 ENB 0x1809 English Ireland 1252 ENI 0x2009 English Jamaica 1252 ENJ 0x1409 English New Zealand 1252
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    ENZ 0x3409 English Philippines 1252 ENP 0x1c09 English South Africa 1252 ENS 0x2c09 English Trinidad 1252 ENT 0x0809 English United Kingdom 1252 ENG 0x0409 English United States 1252 USA 0x3009 English Zimbabwe 1252 ENW 0x0425 Estonian Estonia 1257 ETI 0x0438 Faeroese Faeroe Islands 1252 FOS 0x0429 Farsi Iran 1256 FAR 0x040b Finnish Finland 1252 FIN 0x080c French Belgium 1252 FRB 0x0c0c French Canada 1252 FRC 0x040c French France 1252 FRA 0x140c French Luxembourg 1252 FRL 0x180c French Monaco 1252 FRM 0x100c French Switzerland 1252 FRS 0x042f Macedonian (FYROM) Macedonian (FYROM) 1251 MKI 0x0456 Galician Spain 1252 GLC 0x0437 Georgian Georgia Unicode only KAT 0x0c07 German Austria 1252 DEA 0x0407 German Germany 1252 DEU 0x1407 German Liechtenstein 1252 DEC 0x1007 German Luxembourg 1252 DEL 0x0807 German Switzerland 1252 DES 0x0408 Greek Greece 1253 ELL 0x0447 Gujarati India Unicode only GUJ 0x040d Hebrew Israel 1255 HEB 0x0439 Hindi India Unicode only HIN 0x040e Hungarian Hungary 1250 HUN 0x040f Icelandic Iceland 1252 ISL 0x0421 Indonesian Indonesia (Bahasa) tadalafil online 1252 Cailis canadian farmacy IND 0x0410 Italian Italy 1252 ITA 0x0810 Italian Switzerland 1252 ITS 0x0411 Japanese Japan 932 JPN 0x044b Kannada India (Kannada script) Unicode only KAN 0x043f Kazakh Kazakstan 1251 KKZ 0x0457 Konkani India Unicode only KNK 0x0412 Korean Korea 949 KOR 0x0440 Kyrgyz Kyrgyzstan 1251 KYR 0x0426 Latvian Latvia 1257 LVI 0x0427 Lithuanian Lithuania 1257 LTH 0x083e Malay Brunei Darussalam 1252 MSB 0x043e Malay Malaysia online canadian pharmacy cialis 1252 MSL 0x044c Malayalam India Unicode only MAL 0x044e Marathi India Unicode only MAR 0x0450 Mongolian (Cyrillic) Mongolia 1251 MON 0x0414 Norwegian Norway (Bokmal) 1252 NOR 0x0814 Norwegian Norway (Nynorsk) 1252 NON 0x0448 Oriya India ORI 0x0415 Polish Poland 1250 PLK 0x0416 Portuguese Brazil 1252 PTB 0x0816 Portuguese Portugal 1252 PTG 0x0446 Punjabi India (Gurmukhi script) Unicode only PAN 0x0418 Romanian Romania 1250 ROM 0x0419 Russian Russia 1251 RUS 0x044f Sanskrit India Unicode only SAN 0x0c1a Serbian Serbia (Cyrillic) 1251 SRB 0x081a Serbian Serbia (Latin) 1250 SRL 0x041b Slovak Slovakia 1250 SKY 0x0424 Slovenian Slovenia 1250 SLV 0x2c0a Spanish Argentina 1252 ESS 0x400a Spanish Bolivia 1252 ESB 0x340a Spanish Chile 1252 ESL 0x240a Spanish Colombia 1252 ESO 0x140a Spanish Costa Rica 1252 ESC 0x1c0a Spanish Dominican Republic 1252 ESD 0x300a Spanish Ecuador 1252 ESF 0x440a Spanish El Salvador 1252 ESE 0x100a Spanish Guatemala 1252 ESG 0x480a Spanish Honduras 1252 ESH 0x080a Spanish Mexico 1252 ESM 0x4c0a Spanish Nicaragua 1252 ESI 0x180a Spanish Panama 1252 ESA where can i order cilais online 0x3c0a Spanish Paraguay 1252 ESZ 0x280a Spanish Peru 1252 ESR 0x500a Spanish Puerto Rico 1252 ESU 0x040a Spanish Spain (Traditional sort) 1252 ESP 0x0c0a Spanish Spain (International sort) 1252 ESN 0x380a Spanish Uruguay 1252 ESY 0x200a Spanish Venezuela 1252 ESV 0x0441 Swahili Kenya 1252 SWK 0x081d Swedish Finland 1252 SVF 0x041d Swedish Sweden 1252 SVE 0x045a Syriac Syria Unicode only SYR 0x0449 Tamil India Unicode only TAM 0x0444 Tatar Tatarstan 1251 TTT 0x044a Telugu India (Telugu script) Unicode only TEL 0x041e Thai Thailand 874 THA 0x041f Turkish Turkey 1254 TRK 0x0422 Ukrainian Ukraine 1251 UKR 0x0420 Urdu Pakistan 1256 URP 0x0820 Urdu India 1256 URI 0x0843 Uzbek Uzbekistan (Cyrillic) 1251 UZB 0x0443 Uzbek Uzbekistan (Latin) 1254 UZB 0x042a Vietnamese Viet Nam 1258 VIT The following special identifiers are also defined: Identifier Sublanguage/locale 0x0000 Language-Neutral 0x0400 Process Default Language --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This process can be checked with Windows DLL externalization of the sample “windows_dll” in World Wide Navi.