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    <!–:ja–>PFS (A present from Steve)<!–:–><!–:en–>PFS (A present from Steve)<!–:–>

    MacBook Air photo
    That was the day

    we opened a viagra7-pharmacycanada box which contained a state-of-the-art, yes it”s really art, artistic, sexy machine, MacBook Air. It was our first Mac machine in the office.

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    Later on, we got to know that Steve, great Steve Jobs had passed casino online away on the cost of propecia at walgreens same day.

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    We”ve got your message, Steve. We”ll follow your way. Thanks a lot.

    -Yoichi Suehiro

    <!–:en–>What is the youngest language in the world?<!–:–><!–:ja–>世界で一番若い言語って?<!–:–>

    What do you gess?

    I asked our Phillipine young engineer few days ago, “When was Tagalog (Their native language)  born?”,

    he said, “Myabe 14 or 5th century (he”s not good at history, so not certain)”.

    Tagalog was influenced by Spanish colonial rule and based on Spanish, has many similar words, too.

    I felt that it”s rather young language because Japanese has more than 1,000 year history.

    And one question hit on me, “What casino online is the youngest language in the world?”.

    I searched the web but couldn”t find the information.

    Something like a “programming Language Chronogy” can be hit, but natural language”s ones cannot be.

    (maybe historical linguistics has various theories,  little bit difficult)

    By elimination, main Europe languages may be old for it”s Latin origin, Japanes and Chinese has at least 1,000 year histroy, Hangul was born arround in 15th century I heard….

    Also our Finnish Sisulizer engineer said that Finnish was rather young.

    To know correctly,  I cannot but check the histories of all languages.

    I “ll be happy if someone creates  or finds that chronogy.

    (But  I think many languages exist, origins of which have not been deteced yet.)

    <!–:en–>The blessings of "Sun"<!–:–><!–:ja–>"Sun"の恵み<!–:–>

    Sun seems to become a part of Oracle drugstore in the near future. Both companies had aquired a lot of software business from other companies before. The merger will confuse the people who want to buy software products.

    Software engineers tend to think different way from the public. Some people used to try not to use Microsoft products. Some people devoted their time and effort to develop alternatives. Oracle seems to be getting closer to Microsoft position. There are many people who don”t want to be controlled by some particular entity. Such people will say, “Let”s use OSS!”. However, the situation is not that simple, very complicated.

    Sun is basically a company having software engineer”s mind.  They have created and got good technologies which can be alternatives to Microsoft products.  I want to say they had too online casino much technologies to be given away to somebody else. Java,, MySQL, …

    The impact upon software engineers mind must be enormous. Is there anybody who want to be a white knight? Establishing an international open technologies foundation and secure critical fundamental software projects may be beneficial to everybody. However, we are still not sure how we can maintain the scheme financially. Can we think that Oracle is the replacement of such open organization? I don”t know. Maybe no.

    We cannot live without software. We want to secure existing fundamental software technologies to be improved and maintained for reasonablly long period. It is similar to energy issues. We need to find altenatives as well as maintaining existing ones. We may be in the era of transition. Where is software business going? I hope Sun”s technologies continue to be maintained in a healthy way and contribute for the future innovation.

    Solar energy is one of the promising energy sources to be used everywhere in the world. I hope it will go like “An oracle predicted the blessings of Sun will be widespread to anybody who needs them”.