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    <!–:ja–>WordPressモバイルプラグイン「WPtap」<!–:–><!–:en–>WordPress Mobile Plugin 'WPtap'<!–:–>

    I  had mentioned the problem of this blog”s mobile support before, but decided to try another plug-in because we want  share buttons and  rich theme in mobile too.

    And I found the WPtap News Press.

    This has flexible customization and  goes well along AddThis plug-in.

    But I encountered the same problem as the previous article, the date expression broken in For optimal success, be sure to give away, throw away, or put away any items that are on The 21-Day オンライン スロット Sugar NO FOODS list and make a space for all your 21-Day Sugar YES FOODS. Japanese pages.

    I changed the code before, but I found the cause is in the qtranslate.

    I referred to the blog blow.

    I changed the date format into “” style temporarily to fix the problems easily, and

    modified some code of theme.

    I modified the header source code a little to add our company site banner and language-switchers too.

    I feel that these locale or  encoding related problems still exists in Open Source Software.

    (To find and fix those problems is sometimes a fun itself, I know)

    <!–:en–>Date Format of WordPress Template<!–:–><!–:ja–>WordPressテンプレートの日付書式の変更<!–:–>

    We got this blog support mobiles by Carrington Mobile a few months ago.

    It shows good in Smartphones and seems nice plugin, but has one problem.

    The post date are shown incorrect or broken.

    The reason is because the comment date & time processing is not working right.

    I found the files and made the date-style “ hh:mi:ss” and they worked.

    the modified points are like these:

    <p>by <cite><?php comment_author_link() ?></cite> on <a href=”#comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>” title=”"><?php comment_date(“Y.m.d “) ?> <?php comment_time(“H:i:s”) ?></a> <?php edit_comment_link(“e”,”",”"); ?></small></p>

    <?php printf(__(“%1$s  eliminate ”at” %2$s”,”atahualpa”), get_comment_date(__(“Y.m.d“,”atahualpa”)),  get_comment_time(__(“H:i:s“,”atahualpa”))) ?>

    Some of date functions (get_comment_date, comment_date, date…) don”t work right with other format options or no arguments, I think (* these are related to PHP configuarion,version, and locale, so we can”t always オンライン カジノ say that).

    About PHP date format, see here.

    This happens in our PC template, Atahualpa too.

    About Atahualpa date format bug, see this post too.

    &amp;amp;lt;!–:en–&amp;amp;gt;Caution of WordPress template update!&amp;amp;lt;!–:–&amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;!–:ja–&amp;amp;gt;WordPressテンプレートアップデートに注意!&amp;amp;lt;!–:–&amp;amp;gt;